Diet? What diet?

Black-Bottom Cupcakes

Even though I have done a really good job for the past few weeks eating healthier and exercising more, I am going to HAVE to make these cupcakes very soon! The recipe can be found in David Lebovitz cook book titled, The Great Book of Chocolate. Let me tell you, they look de-lish!


So Cute!

I just love this little owl greeting card! Made by Ellen Giggenbach and sold through Lagom.


My Design Style

I just took this fun quiz from ISCD International School of Colour and Design: What's Your Interior Style? My results were pretty much on target! & I love the results pictures :)

My Style Personality is: Nostalgic Nest

Trends don't interest you; you're down to earth.
You've developed your own style and stay true to yourself.
You enjoy indoor and outdoor living.
Unique souvenirs from your travels adorn your home.
You're sentimental; you keep photo albums and happy
memories around you.
You make your own treasures.
I love being me :)


Horseshoe Lake

A wonderful and successful weekend at the lake. Good times, great friends, and splendid food!To see the full "Horseshoe Lake" album click here.


The Bravest Woman in the World!

I just want to share with everyone a little bit about my good friend, Emilya Golden. Emilya is 22 years old and has been battling breast cancer since February 2009. She went through chemo therapy for about 4 months and yesterday had a partial mastectomy. She will start radiation next week that will last for 6 weeks and will be given everyday. She is one of the strongest and bravest women I know! She is such a great inspiration for all women around the world! I am proud to call her my friend :)


Wedding favors!

So, I'm getting more and more excited everyday about becoming a wifey :) I know Jonathan is going to be the most wonderful husband!

I found the cutest wedding favors yesterday! I knew I wanted something unique and that represented me and Jonathan. Since we both love the outdoors and nature I decided to go with these seed paper cards. Aren't they adorable?? You actually plant the red heart in the ground and soon wildflowers will sprout! We'll hand them out with their own little clay pots!


Let the Blogging Begin!

My first blog :)

I'm a recent graduate of Mississippi State University. GO DAWGS! I received my Bachelor's degree in Interior Design. I am now working at McGehee Nicholson Burke Architects in Memphis, TN as an intern. I love my job!

I just adopted a black lab puppy and his name is Cooper! He is so adorable!

I'm engaged to the most wonderful man on the planet! Jonathan Leslie Patterson :) He is my everything. We are getting married April 17, 2010. Be prepared. Most of my blog for the next 9 months will probably be centered around wedding planning ;)