Jesus I Love You

I wanted to share this video with everyone. It is such an inspiring and moving piece, not just for Christians but artists too. Not only am I stunned by the piece itself, but the sheer talent of this young woman as well. I believe it took her less than an hour to finish this piece? I've known her since I was a child (her family attended the same church as mine), but I never knew the talent she possesed. I would love to see her work live! She is a student at Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarsota, Fl. Kudos Gable Hunsucker!


Decisions, decisions..

I plan on making as much as I can for my wedding in April, but there is so much I want to do I might drive myself mad! Or have to hire a few dozen elves. I know I will design the invitations and programs myself and I have already decided on the favors (can't wait to make 200+ of those), and I've come up with a few more ideas since then. I was thinking of making my own veil that is similar to this and will most definitely be making the bridesmaid gifts. But on top of all that I also want to make some decorations for the reception, but can't decide what to go with. What do you like best? Felt flower garland...

...or Tissue paper pom poms??
Keep in mind that the table center pieces will be more of plants and herbs than actual flowers. Give me some advice!

Feeling Creative??

Ever feel the need to create something but don't necessarily have the time nor the funds to do so? I feel that way a lot too. Thank goodness for Jonathan Adler and his super cool feature on his website. Click here to create your own custom rugs, pillows, and totes. It's easy and lots of fun! And if you aren't suffering from the inconsiderate economy, go ahead and purchase your original design! While you're at it, buy mine for me! Both of 'em.

(images: Jonathan Adler - found on decor8)


Writer's Block

I was told by my coworkers that I needed to update my blog...unfortunately I don't have any clue what to write about. This one said to write about writer's block. This one said to write about her. I think I'll just make a hodgepodge of blogs and sum up the past 3 weeks.

I officially finished my internship and have been awarded my degree. Now I only have to wait about 2-3 more months to get it in the mail.

Jonathan has moved in with me and my family, bless his soul, and we couldn't be happier (especially my dad).

Cooper is doing well and has a home to call his own. Hopefully he'll learn to share it with Jonathan's chocolate lab, Sallie Mae.

Wedding planning is coming along, slowly but surely. I have an appointment tomorrow with a lady who does custom wedding gowns. I'm super excited to think I could have a one-of-a-kind dress. I really like these dresses...
I have decided on the color palette for the wedding - purple and green. But think more along the lines of plum and chartreuse. I'll have to arrange a visual collage to post for eveyone to see.
I really need to get on the handmade/craft bandwagon. Everyday I come up with something else I want to create, but everyday seems to get shorter and shorter. I'm only 22. Why do I feel as though I'm 50?? No, I don't really feel like I'm 50, but time definitely goes by faster when you work full-time.

I've also been wanting to cook and bake. Especially those black bottom cupcakes! Ha ha! But, mom has been out of town for a total of 3 weeks now, out of no more than a month, and she does all the grocery shopping. I refuse to do it and pay for it until I absolutely have to.

Hmm...what else is going on in my eventful life right now? I could delight you with a self-portrait I did in watercolor spring semester. Yes, it's been finished for a good 5 months and I'm just now sharing it with the world. I was going for a Janis Joplin look, but when my mother saw the photograph it was made from she said with such excitement, "You look like John Lennon!!" Thanks, Mom. Really?...I look like a man? Either way I think it turned out great and was much pleased with myself. I think my professor, Brent Funderburk, was just as proud :)

Hopefully it won't be so long till my next post! Until then..


Working in Style

I just attended a lunch and learn sponsored by Memphis Business Interiors and presented by Shane Cohen of Humanscale. The presentation was on office lighting and was very interesting. But, the best part? I won a Humanscale desk lamp! This thing is valued at $450!! I'm thinking of putting it on ebay ;) How cool! I was so excited! I never win anything!!