DIY: How to Make Your Own Terrarium

My first How To blog! :)

Ever since I saw an article in a Better Homes & Gardens magazine about 3 years ago, I've been wanting to make a terrarium. & I finally did! Here are a few steps that I went by to create my living environment...
Supplies you'll need:
A glass container
Some kind of plant, small or medium, depending on the size of your container.
*Soil (only if the plant needs it)
Small pebbles or rocks
Floral moss & anything else from nature (twigs, acorns, etc.)
& of course water and sunlight

Step #1: Choose a glass container of some sort. A popular choice is to use a vase upside down with an added base, such as a plate or piece of wood. Mason jars work well too. I used what was actually a picture frame shaped like a cube that sperates into two pieces.
Step #2: Choose a plant that is small enough to fit into your container. Trim off any leaves or stems that are discolored or that will touch the container to keep bacteria and fungus from growing and harming your entire terrarium! *I chose an aquatic plant so I didn't need any soil. Also, depending on your container you may need another even smaller planter to put the plant in. Since my container had a flat bottom I opted to place my aquatic plant in a shot glass. I kept the plant anchored using small pebbles and then filled it with water. If you choose a plant that requires soil, be sure to keep the soil evenly moistened.
Step #3: Next, wet some floral moss and place it at the base around the plant. The moss will serve as hydration, keeping moisture in the air, & adds to the effect.
Step #4: Be sure and add some other items from nature for decoration. You could use twigs, acorns, or maybe even a small frog or lizard! I decided to decorate my terrarium with a few tiny starfish :)
Step #5: Seal off your terrarium so the magic can begin!
Remember, not all plants need the same amount of water and sunlight, so keep this in mind. Depending on the plant you choose, you may not have to water again for months. Just be sure the soil or moss stays evenly moistened. Place the terrarium in diffused light (mini conservatories usually heat up too much in bright light). While many plants love the humidity in a terrarium, others will develop problems if they don't have good air circulation. It's a good idea to remove the glass for a few hours every few days or so to prevent fungal or mold problems, especially with flowering plants. Now sit back, & enjoy!

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  1. Beautiful terrarium and what a unique terrarium! Check out my blog for tips and links on how to keep your terrarium healthy and happy for a long time!



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