The Cake!

Finally found the cake for my wedding next April! I'm super excited about this. I think it fits mine & Jonathan's personalities perfectly. This cake has chocolate sheets on the outside with a wood grain, or "faux bois" detail. The inside will be strawberry cake...yuummm :P I found this awesome cake at Marth Stewart Weddings.


Will it Ever End?

It has been rainging A LOT in Memphis for the past few weeks. So much that I've gotten my money's worth on my rain boots. But according to the 7-day forecast it should be pretty after tomorrow! Hallelujah!! Hopefully I'll be taking some photos of a friend and her precious family next week :) until then a little something to appreciate all the dreary weather.


Graphic Design

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Designed a few baby shower invitations for a friend. They are so cute! Maybe I'll get to do the nursery for her too!