Fall Recipe: Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

This year I decided to roast the seeds from our pumpkin carvings instead of throwing them out. Not only are they so delicious & super easy to do but they're good for you too! A truly healthy snack.

Mediterranean Style Pumpkin Seeds

Olive Oil
Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Cajun Style Pumpkin Seeds

Olive Oil
Emeril's Essence Seasoning
Tabasco Sauce

First wash the seeds & lay them out to dry over night. Next, pour olive oil over the seeds. Depending on the amount of seeds will determine how many table spoons of olive oil. Just make sure to use enough to coat every seed so the dry seasonings will stick. Then add your dry seasonings to taste. Anything will work, even just plain ole salt & pepper. Then spread the seeds evenly on to a cookie sheet & bake at 300 degrees. I cooked the Mediterranean style for 45 min, tossing the seeds every 15 min. I found that 30 min for the Cajun style was enough because the seasonings were darker. Then let them cool & enjoy!

I think next time I'll try olive oil, salt & pepper, & some grated Parmesan cheese! yummm :P Cinnamon & sugar would be tasty as well!

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