15 Days & Counting!

It's getting closer and closer to Christmas!! Only 2 weeks left of shopping days. Or if you're like me and are b-roke, 14 measely days left of psycho crafting. I really need to get on the ball! Anyways, usually by now I am so into Christmas I am up to my ears in "Fa La La La La's". But this year has been different for several personal reasons. So to help myself (and hopefully you too) get more into the Christmas spirit, I'm going to post 14 days of one of my favorite things about Christmas...ornaments! I love decorating for Christmas :) You'd think I was a designer or something...but surprisingly enough, my house has not ONE Christmas decoration up. I know, it's sad. So instead I'm going to decorate my blog, one day at a time. Now to start the festivities!

Stocking Monogram Ornaments from Anthropologie! Aren't they precious? These could be easily made too, which makes them even better! Btw..I friggin' LOVE that store!!

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