Handmade Holiday: Day 2

Oh goodness! Can you believe that my mother has finally drug out the Christmas decorations?? & Since there are only 2 weeks left to enjoy them she's decided to take it easy this year and go simple. There's no telling how many boxes of stuff we have, but only 6 made it in from the garage. But to top it off, this year we're going to have a REAL Christmas tree!!! All 22 years of my life we have NEVER had a real Christmas tree! I'm so giddy thinking about it! I did get a real tree a couple of years ago while I was living in Starkville and I can't say that I enjoyed the experience so much. Buying my own ornaments and trimmings was exciting but getting that sucker up a tall flight of stairs wasn't! Needless to say, when time came to take down the tree we just lowered it (gently) outside the window to the ground below. Ha ha! Merry Christmas to our downstairs neighbors ;) Maybe I'll have a better experience this year. Especially since stairs are not involved. But on to the ornament of the day!...

These little cuties are so festive and easy to make! I'm going to make some this year, but I'll be using mine as package decorations :) Won't that be cute?

Photo courtesy of Stacey Winters

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