Ornaments Galore!

Of course I would be behind on my own countdown to Christmas...so I will be posting 3 ornaments today! The first ornament is not a handmade ornament, well unless you're a professional glass blower, but I couldn't resist because it's oh so beautiful!

This glass ornament has a tiny glass angel inside! For the past couple of weeks I've been helping a friend/interior designer decorate a few houses for Christmas. Now these aren't your typical decorating jobs. I'm talking real, hard work. But the end result is always spectacular! Call me next year if you need any help with your home ;)

This ornament is a glass ball as well, but equally unique. I love terrariums! This would be the perfect gift for the nature enthusiast in your family! The website where I found this ornament is sold out, but I'm sure you could easily find more. Or make one yourself!

I am obsessed with owls for some reason. I just can't get enough of them! I think I may have been a Chi Omega in another life or something...but these hand felted owl ornaments are just too cute to pass up!

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  1. I always say I was a Chi O in another life too! Weird!! I've liked owls since I was even a little kid. If you go to my dad's you find them in the most unique of places :)


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