Movie Feature Monday

I'm going to start something new. Being the movie fanatic that I am, every Monday from now on (or until I slack or decide otherwise) I will feature a movie, old or new, may or may not have seen to all my readers, or the 6 people that follow my blog. I appreciate you none the less! Now on to the post...As much as everyone is talking about a certain blood sucking, werewolf howling, love lusting movie (don't worry I'm as big a Twilight fan as you), right now I'm going to talk about the OTHER Rob Pattinson movie, Remember Me. From the very beginning this movie has you captured, wondering how all the components fit together? & let me tell you, you won't see it coming. A great story of a guy from a high-class, NYC family just trying to lead a normal life after the loss of someone close. The story focuses on his relationships with those now closer and it all falls back on living in the moment. We should all tell our loved ones how we feel about them every chance we get, for it could be the last. I definitely recommend this, and not just because he's in it.

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