Love Is In The Air

As a kid I always loved exchanging valentines with friends, classmates, and the occasional boyfriend (yes I had quite a few) but who says they are just for the children?? These cards would be just as fun to give as an adult! & I think you would agree with me.

and my favorite
*yeti love.

What are your plans this Valentine's day? Me and my Valentine are going to have a romantic dinner in. I'll be cooking this for dinner and baking this for dessert! I think it's going to be a great night!!


Jordan + Matt | Engagement

Aaanndd another MSU couple of course :) I had the pleasure of taking Jordan & Matt's engagement photos last November as well. And I will be the photographer for their big day in June! We shot their engagement session in downtown Jackson, MS and on the Natchez Trace Parkway. Jordan and Matt are a very sweet couple and love the outdoors, playing darts in their backyard, and of course MSU sports! We had a great time that day and I love the way the photos turned out, especially the ones on the resevoir! Enjoy :)

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Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend and enjoying this beautiful weather!

Little Miss Mary Logan

After I finished up with Sara & Matt's engagement shoot, I headed back to Jackson to do a shoot with a little 3 year old girl. This shoot couldn't have come at a better time too...I was kind of in the dumps that day and not really feeling like doing anything (I had just recently gotten back from my honeymoon in the Caymans and realized I left the digital camera with all our photos on the plane :( ). But Mary Logan brought the life back out of me! She really put a smile on my face :) I had lots of fun with her that afternoon and she reminded me of what really matters in life....don't worry, be happy! She really had me cracking up! I would take like 3 photos of her in one pose and she would exclaim, "That's enough!" and then scurry over to the next spot. I'm glad to have gotten the opportunity to work with her and her sweet mom and grandmother.

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Sara + Matt | Engagement

I love MSU couples! Sara & Matt are two more graduates of Mississippi State University. Sara & I were sorority sisters...Ain't Nothin' Betta' Than A Delta Delta Delta :)) She and Matt are too cute for words. I had the pleasure of taking their engagement pictures last November...well after we had already tried once in October. But that's another story. I headed to Starkville, MS one morning to capture their love first-hand. They were a little camera shy at first, but after a few shots their personalities really started to shine through...awkwardness and all ;) Matt's not much for photo shoots to say the least, but I think the photos came out real nice and they are true to the couple! Matt proposed one afternoon while they were out fishing, hence the fishing lure photo. I think that one may be my favorite. They make my heart happy and I can't wait to see them tie the knot! And this time I'll be able to witness the vows through just my eyes and not through a camera lens. I'm happy to be just another guest at this wedding :)

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Stacey + Landis | Engagement

Stacey & Landis. You will never meet another couple like them ;) They are both big outdoor enthusiasts and lovers of anything Mississippi State related! Which is only a couple of the reasons I wish they lived closer because Jonathan and I would have a great time with them ALL the time! She is a tomboy at heart, but still loves to dress up and try her hand at arts and crafts. You might even find Stacey fishing while decked out in a t-shirt and super cute, dangle bling-bling earrings! :)) Landis is super sweet and comes off quiet at first, but once you get to know him you find there is a very interesting soul dying to get out....and he his very random. This is true. They also both love, love, LOVE their sweet dog, Rivers.

I had so much fun shooting this couple's engagement photos and I'm so excited to be shooting their big day this May! Enjoy these photos and check out the rest of their gallery here. Be sure and "like" my facebook page, Studio MJW so you can leave the lovely couple comments on their photos. I know they would like them oh so much!

Fall Photos

I have lots and lots and lots of blog updating to do, so please bear with me as I get caught up!

First of the agenda are the photo shoots I did back in the fall. I had a great day and worked with a family of 3, two babies and a mother and son team. We had beautiful weather and a gorgeous backdrop of downtown Hernando, MS. I think all the photos came out great and hope everyone enjoys them as much I did working on them.

*the Little's. sweet family. precious daughter, Ansley :)

*Aiden. pensive. intellect. puffs lover.

*Ella Grace. beautiful princess!

*Karen & Jeremy. she's quirky, he's quiet. they are quite the balancing act.

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The Little's
Ella Grace
Karen & Jeremy

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Monica & Rush's Wedding Slideshow

Here is a belated post of Monica & Rush's wedding slideshow! Click the photo above for a larger view and click here to view their entire gallery! Enjoy :)))