Little Miss Mary Logan

After I finished up with Sara & Matt's engagement shoot, I headed back to Jackson to do a shoot with a little 3 year old girl. This shoot couldn't have come at a better time too...I was kind of in the dumps that day and not really feeling like doing anything (I had just recently gotten back from my honeymoon in the Caymans and realized I left the digital camera with all our photos on the plane :( ). But Mary Logan brought the life back out of me! She really put a smile on my face :) I had lots of fun with her that afternoon and she reminded me of what really matters in life....don't worry, be happy! She really had me cracking up! I would take like 3 photos of her in one pose and she would exclaim, "That's enough!" and then scurry over to the next spot. I'm glad to have gotten the opportunity to work with her and her sweet mom and grandmother.

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