"Best Photo of 2010"

And the winner is...the Little family!!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted! The contest was a huge success and definitely brought new fans and clients through my door! And thank you to all the contenders who posted several times on facebook about the contest. I now wouldn't have over 1,000 fans if it weren't for you! I am very blessed with all that God has brought into my life through my new business :) I can't believe how fast it's grown and the tremendous positive feedback I'm receiving. Now that I have hit 1,000 fans and it's almost been a year since I started Studio MJW, I'm going to have a big giveaway here in the next few months! It's going to be awesome so make sure you don't miss out on that chance. Thank you again to everyone who has supported me thus far!!

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  1. Congrats on the 1000 followers! I can't wait for you to take my pictures in the future...you know after I get engaged and all that stuff first. hahaha ;)


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