Me?? Organizer?!

Maybe it's the new house. Maybe it's the new studio. Maybe it's the nesting phase starting to kick in....but I feel the need to organize. I feel like I have lived in mass chaos for the past 6 years, if not my entire life and I really don't want to bring up my children in such a way. So I've been working at getting my new house in order as much as I can (with Mom and Hubby's help) focusing on my closet and my studio. The closet is another story but today I want to share some fun organizing finds that I plan to use in the studio. So cool they actually make organizing fun!

I recently found these file boxes in the fall issue of Better Homes and Gardens "Do It Yourself" magazine. Made from vintage record album sleeves and nestled in custom-made wooden boxes they hold almost any size paper work. You can find them here at freestylegifts.com

I, along with what seems like everyone else, have become obsessed with Pinterest. If you haven't checked it out yet, you need to! That is unless you have absolutely no free time...it's quite addictive. But I came across this clever idea for storage and must say how easy! My husband and I are coffee drinkers and I think those plastic "cans" it comes in from Wal-Mart would be perfect for this project. After a pretty coat of spray paint of course.

I LOVE BASKETS!!! And while shopping for craft supplies for the nursery at Hobby Lobby I found these awesome baskets woven from recycled magazine paper! Now I admit I am the hoarder when it comes to magazines. I don't know when to get rid of them! So I think I will find a youtube video on basket weaving and put those old magazines to work! It can't be that hard, right?? I'm pretty sure the ones at Hobby Lobby looked like the one above, but while I was googling I found some pretty cool alternatives...

I hope this post inspires you to get organized as much as it does me! Happy filing and storing!!

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