Ok so I obviously reeeaaally suck at photo challenges. Fail. Maybe next time I will attempt a photo a day challenge with my cell phone instead of my nikon. I bet I'll make it much further. Hope none of you were relying on me for that lol. On to other things.

I've been wanting to do a blog post on a before & after to give everyone a better idea of what exactly I do after I'm done snapping the photos and uploading them to my computer.

I put the utmost care into my work. Whether it be corresponding back and forth with a client through email, gathering inspiration for an upcoming shoot, or executing those ideas throughout a session. But the work doesn't end there. When I'm done with a session I go home and transfer all those little pieces of art onto my external hard drive. Then I begin the weeding process. Some photos are of course better than others. Once I have it narrowed down to the best of the best I begin my editing process, one of my favorite parts of being a photographer. I love styling a session but in all honesty this is where I put that final touch; my own little spin. This is when I create most of my magic.

I use Photoshop and a few key actions to edit all my photos. Now not all photos need a whole lot of attention but every little bit counts. Most of the time I run one action, add a little tweaking and BAM! But every now and then it takes a little more on my part. Not every set up is perfect and some unsightly things creep their way into a photo. For example: I did a bridal session at a beautiful house in Brandon a couple months ago. "Heart of Pines is a Bed and Breakfast Inn and event destination that captures the essence of a warm, sophisticated elegance and charm of an earlier time. It is tucked away on 150 beautiful acres surrounded by pine trees." This breath-taking Victorian house was built in 1902 and is the perfect setting. But, there were a few things that weren't ideal for a bridal portrait. Let me just show you what I'm talking about...

As you can see there was a tv to the left and a speaker behind and to the left of the subject. Now I may have been able to move those things but considering this is not my home and the bride and I were so graciously granted permission to shoot here I didn't really feel comfortable moving anything around. So I worked with what I had (which was a GORGEOUS bride, aka my best friend) and I edited those things out of the photos.

Obviously not every situation is like this but I just wanted to share with everyone what I can do and what I will do to make a photo, my artwork, the best that it can be. And this takes time and lots of it. I know most people appreciate great photography and what goes into it but some people are just unaware of what it takes. I hope this post gives you a little bit more insight and helps you to understand. Also, brides (and family of brides) this is why it takes a few months to get your wedding photos back. It's because I care and I want you to have the best. 

Patience is a virtue my friends :)

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