Happy Friday Y'all!

Happy Friday y'all!

Here is a little something to start your day and the first care-free weekend of the summer :)

Summer may have just "started" but it's been summer here for a while in Mississippi... surprise surprise.

These are all pieces we picked from our yard: basil, abelia, and daylily. I just love the color combo in these photos. I'm thinking of turning of few of these images into paintings. Maybe oil? Believe it or not but I've never attempted an oil painting before...my Grandmother Mary would probably be disturbed by this....I should really give it a go! :)

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! What do you have planned?? I'll be spending it with my family and friends in Memphis... maybe do some thrifting, attend an outdoor concert, a going away party for a dear friend, shooting a wedding in Oakland, Sunday is always pool day at my parents, and a maternity session for a sweetie I went to high school with! It's going to be a fun-filled and busy weekend!

Cheers y'all! :))


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