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While snacking on a almost midnight snack…honey apple fries and banana chips (sounds like I need to post a quick recipe)…and editing Mallory's  wedding…I came across a blurred photo of her reception..twinkling lights amongst the white tents…an image of pure bokeh heaven. And it got me to thinking…what an awesome piece of abstract art this image could serve. I can see it now:

Hanging in the couple's home, some years from now, decorated among their collections. A true statement piece and quite the conversation starter. "Oh what a spectacular piece of art! Tell me about this Mrs. Abney." "Well Suzy, this is from our reception when we were married 20 years ago, taken by our wonderful photographer, Amelia Patterson." "I sure hope I have something like that one day!" 

LOL sometimes I crack myself up. I've been told a few times in the recent months that I'm a good writer….maybe this is what they were talking about ;)

Anywho, but no seriously, is it just me or is this not a really good idea? I mean, I pretty much take at least one, what would be considered "abstract" photograph, at every wedding I shoot. Nothing is typically ever done with them but what if I marketed a new product. How neat to think for one of your anniversaries you could splurge on a custom piece of fine art created specially for you and your home. Not because you just really like it, because it has sentimental meaning and value to it. Something that could be passed down for generations. Something that would last a lifetime. But by having to save for it and wait for it, i.e. a 10th Wedding Anniversary, it would make it that more valuable. Or heck get it for your 1st Year Anniversary! It's not like anybody waits for anything anymore these days. That was a lot of "any's"… whew.

But this could all be a bit of fabrication in my head… do you think people value art enough to want to invest is something like this? I sure would hope so.


  1. i think this sounds like a wonderful idea! i did not really know what to do with the more abstract photos from our wedding but i am totally on board with this idea. and by marketing it like a piece of fine art or a cool abstract memory i think that you could really get something cool started! love a good late night ramble :)

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Swayze! I think it's a good idea too just a matter of educating :)


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