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sweater, tea and bun.

No, not tea... but music. I just thought this photo was perfect for today (it's very rainy here in central Mississippi, but not necessarily cold of course). I've been holding on to this self portrait for the perfect day. Well here it is!

So what's this about music you ask? Well a wise man once said, "Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand." What kind of music speaks to you? I myself love a wide range of music, with some of my favorites being Elvis, Patsy Cline, Railroad Earth, The Doors, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Nat King Cole, Keller Williams, the Avett Brothers and pretty much anything that was recorded under the Motown label. I'm not so much a fan of mainstream music. That's just me. Some of it yes is catchy, but does it speak to me? Not. Really. Well sometimes it does... it says to me, "Quick! Change the station!" sheesh! 

As I've been working on my new website the past couple days, changing this, updating that, upgrading this, besides the colors, brand, and message only one other thing is staying untouched. The song that plays so beautifully when you enter my site. "Might River" by Railroad Earth. It's amazing and takes me back to when I first started dating my husband. Every. Time. I hear it. And it's golden that feeling. It's definitely my favorite song of their's they have recorded and one of my top 5 top 10 of all time. Sorry I just love music, top 5 isn't enough ;)

And for some unknown reason I've stumbled across lots of new (at least new to me) music in the past week or so and it made me happy and inspired so much that I wanted to share these new discoveries with you!

First up, I don't usually support anything associated with the town of Oxford, Mississippi unless it involves good music! But you should definitely check out Danny Klimetz's new project the Oxford Sessions. Apart from the latest video they released I'm loving everything they have featured thus far. Very cool thing they've got going over there!

Next I want to talk about the new hit show "Nashville". I don't even like country music (most of it) and I'm loving this show, the characters and especially the soundtrack. Great tunes! My favorite character/voice is that of Scarlett O'Conner played by Clare Bowen. Her rendition of "Ring of Fire" is nothing short of amazing!! And when I posted a screen shot of last night's episode on instagram I got a like from katelynepperlymusic...haven't listened to her music just yet but she seems pretty cool just from her instagram feed.

Recently I shot a wedding at the Woodruff-Fontaine House and across the street is the Molly Fontaine Lounge. Through a post on facebook I came across the page of Miss Lee Taylor and had a quick listen. LOVE her voice! She is going to be playing every Friday and Saturday night there and I hope to make it by next time I'm in Memphis. This place is brilliant people! I highly recommend it if you're into cool, old, dimly lit creepy houses.

I also had the recent revelation that my favorite ever American Idol contestant Paul McDonald not only has been recording new music, but with his hot new wife, Nikki Reed aka Rosalie from Twilight. They have a song featured on the Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack and I love them!!!! Their voices mesh SO well together. Everything about them as a couple is complete harmony. Cheesy I know...

And then of course for good measure I have to throw in The Lumineers. They rock my socks off!

I love that as I'm writing this I can hear "Curious George" on the TV. Love the theme song by one of the greatest...Dr. John! And while I'm thinking about it, who has seen The Black Jacket Symphony live? They are playing here in Jackson in a few weeks and I think I would really enjoy it. They are going to be doing a full cover of Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon". Sounds legit right?! Alright so that wraps up some of the music I've been loving lately! Hope you find some new music to enjoy yourself and feel inspired! :)

OH! And you should also check out Lennon & Maisy Stella! They play the daughters of Rayna on "Nashville". Two VERY talented young ladies!!

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  1. So many great suggestions- thanks! Love the portrait too!


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