What Will You Win??

I've been seeing several people on Facebook stating the prize for the Best Photo of 2012 is a free portrait session and I just wanted to clear up this is not the case. As stated in the blog post on the contest's details, the winner's prize is 1 of 2 things. Either a digital file OR a custom photo cover for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. I'm giving a free session to one random "Like"er. 

Here is an example of the cell phone cover. They are too cool! I have one myself and absolutely love it. If you win your's will be designed with the photo in mind, so it may not necessarily have these exact graphics but you will LOVE it nonetheless! Trust me. But if you don't have an iPhone 4/4S, 5 or Galaxy then you get a digital image! Both great prizes!

SO, custom cell phone cover OR digital image for the Best Photo of 2012 winner. Free portrait session for one random voter. Get it? Got it. Good!

best photo of 2012 prize



VIP Jackson Magazine March

Remember when I blogged about my goals for 2013?! Number 15 on the list....CHECK! Y'all I am SO excited to announce my VERY FIRST PUBLICATION!!!!!! Sorry for shouting but I am ecstatic beyond belief!! No words can describe how happy I am! Hard work really does pay off!

I want to give a BIG thanks to Kendall Poole for putting on such a fabulous event! And all the other exceptional vendors! It takes a great team to pull off a Grand Event! Flowers and catering by the lovely Wendy Putt and Cakes by Iris. And The South Warehouse is an AWESOME venue for any event!

And of course, thank you, THANK YOU to Brandon & Jennifer for choosing Studio MJW to capture their special day! Congratulations to these two love birds!! 

VIP Jackson Magazine March

VIP Jackson Magazine March

Check out the March Weddings digital issue of VIP Jackson here and look for print copies out on Friday! Now to just get my hands on a copy...or 5.


Best Photo of 2012!


It's that time of year again! Yippee!! I love putting on this contest! It gives me and everyone else a chance to see Studio MJW's year in review, it gets lots of people talking about my work, and it gives one lucky client the chance to win Best Photo of the Year and a really sweet prize too! I mean, who doesn't love prizes and such a cool honor?!

This year it's going to be done a little differently. Each year I set up a new photo album on the Facebook page titled "Best Photo". The photo with the most "likes" wins! It's that simple! Voting starts today (2.25) at noon and ends Friday (3.1) at 5 pm. You may vote for more than one photo. Only "likes" count but comments are loved too!! The more you share the contest with your Facebook friends, and more specifically your photo, the more votes it will most likely receive! So if you want to win, share, share, share! How is it different you ask? This year I'm going to give away a FREE portrait session to one random voter! Cool beans! And the prize for the winner this year is either a custom photo case for your iPhone 4/4S, 5, or Samsung Galaxy S3 OR a Digital Image! AWESOME!!

The winner will be announced here on Friday as well as the launch of my Brand New WEBSITE! Whoop whoop!! I'm am SO excited!!! There will be a separate contest/giveaway to celebrate the website launch next week so stay tuned!

And here is a look at the Best Photo of 2011! Stacy and Landis had a gorgeous wedding at Waverly Waters alongside their pup, Rivers! This lovely couple just found out they are expecting a baby girl! Congrats you two love birds!!

Best Photo of 2011

*Facebook is in no way affiliated with the Best Photo of 2012 contest nor endorses this contest with said prize. Prize is $50 value and a gift to the winner from Studio MJW & Amelia Patterson. Winner is entitled to one custom cell phone cover featuring the photo entered in the contest OR a digital file of the image. *


Spring Mini Sessions!

Two posts in one day?? Hot diggity dog!!

Announcing Spring Mini Sessions! This year I'm doing mini sessions during Spring Break, March 11th in the Desoto area and March 13th in the Jackson area! As always, space is limited. Cute props! Awesome locations! Lots of pretty colors, textures and light! Everything I love!! I also decided to add a few digital images into the mix this year! You may purchase one package option or multiple! Email today to book your spot!

And to clear up some confusion: not only are you saving money on the package options given, but you are saving $100 on top of that because there is no session fee for minis! Whoop whoop!!

spring mini sessions

Spring Cleaning!

Happy President's Day! I hope you are getting to enjoy this lovely day at home with your family as am I! 

Just a couple announcements for you today! First, since lots of fabulous 2013 sessions are around the corner and I'm also in the process of redoing the website, this week will be your last chance to order prints/products from your online gallery AND I'm having a Digital Image Sale through Saturday! See the flyer below for more info!


Also, the next Beginners Photography Workshop has been announced! Space is very limited so please email today to reserve your spot! We are thinking of having a class on the coast and in the Memphis area as well if we have enough interest. Let me know if you are!


And I posted on my Facebook page last Friday that I was about to begin the process of collecting photos for the Best of 2012 Contest! If you have a certain photo you want to be entered let me know, otherwise I'll be choosing my favorite! I am SO excited about the contest this year! I'm going to do it a little differently and the prizes are going to be AWESOME! Stay tuned for more details!

Have a fabulous Monday!!




As if you haven't had enough already....

Oh how I love living in Cleary Heights! We moved here a little over a year and a half ago and every day it just gets sweeter and sweeter. Cleary, a little community between Florence and Byram, about 15 miles south of Jackson, MS, originally was a vacation resort and is literally a post office away from being its own town! Today most people live here year round and who wouldn't want to?! Here in Cleary you will find the Hills of Rankin County (which are fun for runners and walkers), about 13 lakes with plenty of fishing, a lake big enough to ski and wakeboard, another lake for swimming, a monthly community fish fry, fishing tournament for the kiddies, and all kinds of beautiful nature including these antique roses and wild plums! Picked these lovelies straight from "my backyard" as I like to refer to the entire neighborhood :) And it truly is! It won't be long until they will be blooming again and I can't wait! There is also a pear tree, a fig tree, and who knows what else considering the narrow roads wind for miles and I haven't had the chance to explore all its glory! And I'm sure you can imagine the picturesque spots that I find. I pretty much find a new one every time I go for a stroll!

So now that SPRING is around the corner and I have begun booking sessions again, you shouldn't wait any longer to book a date on my calendar! Especially if you want in on this Honey Hole of mine!! :))

Below are a couple flyers that may interest you! The first one can be shared through my Facebook page for your chance at a FREE portrait session! I'll announce the winner tomorrow! The second one is for a Flash SALE!! Today only get $25 off the regular $100 session fee! PLUS you get a FREE 8x8 Float Wrap ($50 value) if you book by the end of the month! Can't beat that!!



So Happy Valentine's Day and email me today to book your Spring Session! Dates are filling up!! And be on the lookout for announcements on Mini Sessions, contests and giveaways, another Beginners Photography Workshop and the release of my BRAND NEW WEBSITE (say that in Bob Barker's voice)!!!

Love y'all!


It's My Party!


And I'll cry if I want to! Or Laugh. Whichever. Lol. My Mom used to wake me up every morning on my birthday singing that song!

Now because it's my BIRTHDAY!!! I wanted to play a little game... but first let me give you a little background explanation. When I first met my husband about 5 years ago, we weren't really dating yet, we were just friends but first coworkers. One day he asked me a question. A question he has asked numerous people, but never got the right answer from any of them. He asked me and without skipping a beat I gave the first answer that came to mind. He was amazed because NO one had ever given him the right answer! Except me. Besides the day that I out-fished him, that was a sign for him that I was the one! :D

Now the same question for you.... the first person to get it right will win a free portrait session with Studio MJW, held on an available date in either the Jackson, MS area or the Memphis area. This is a $100 value. By playing you agree that if you win, you are willing to have a 1 hour portrait session, have lots of fun with me, smile pretty, feel like a celebrity, and spend a minimum of $100 on prints/products. I don't work this hard for nothin' y'all! ;) So if you want the opportunity to sit on the other side of my camera, or run, or jump, or play, whatever your little heart desires (within reason of course) then let's have a go!!

On a scale of 1-10, would you say yes or no?

Comment below with your answer! First to get it right WINS! Remember, Jackson or Memphis areas only!