Best Photo of 2012!


It's that time of year again! Yippee!! I love putting on this contest! It gives me and everyone else a chance to see Studio MJW's year in review, it gets lots of people talking about my work, and it gives one lucky client the chance to win Best Photo of the Year and a really sweet prize too! I mean, who doesn't love prizes and such a cool honor?!

This year it's going to be done a little differently. Each year I set up a new photo album on the Facebook page titled "Best Photo". The photo with the most "likes" wins! It's that simple! Voting starts today (2.25) at noon and ends Friday (3.1) at 5 pm. You may vote for more than one photo. Only "likes" count but comments are loved too!! The more you share the contest with your Facebook friends, and more specifically your photo, the more votes it will most likely receive! So if you want to win, share, share, share! How is it different you ask? This year I'm going to give away a FREE portrait session to one random voter! Cool beans! And the prize for the winner this year is either a custom photo case for your iPhone 4/4S, 5, or Samsung Galaxy S3 OR a Digital Image! AWESOME!!

The winner will be announced here on Friday as well as the launch of my Brand New WEBSITE! Whoop whoop!! I'm am SO excited!!! There will be a separate contest/giveaway to celebrate the website launch next week so stay tuned!

And here is a look at the Best Photo of 2011! Stacy and Landis had a gorgeous wedding at Waverly Waters alongside their pup, Rivers! This lovely couple just found out they are expecting a baby girl! Congrats you two love birds!!

Best Photo of 2011

*Facebook is in no way affiliated with the Best Photo of 2012 contest nor endorses this contest with said prize. Prize is $50 value and a gift to the winner from Studio MJW & Amelia Patterson. Winner is entitled to one custom cell phone cover featuring the photo entered in the contest OR a digital file of the image. *

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