It's My Party!


And I'll cry if I want to! Or Laugh. Whichever. Lol. My Mom used to wake me up every morning on my birthday singing that song!

Now because it's my BIRTHDAY!!! I wanted to play a little game... but first let me give you a little background explanation. When I first met my husband about 5 years ago, we weren't really dating yet, we were just friends but first coworkers. One day he asked me a question. A question he has asked numerous people, but never got the right answer from any of them. He asked me and without skipping a beat I gave the first answer that came to mind. He was amazed because NO one had ever given him the right answer! Except me. Besides the day that I out-fished him, that was a sign for him that I was the one! :D

Now the same question for you.... the first person to get it right will win a free portrait session with Studio MJW, held on an available date in either the Jackson, MS area or the Memphis area. This is a $100 value. By playing you agree that if you win, you are willing to have a 1 hour portrait session, have lots of fun with me, smile pretty, feel like a celebrity, and spend a minimum of $100 on prints/products. I don't work this hard for nothin' y'all! ;) So if you want the opportunity to sit on the other side of my camera, or run, or jump, or play, whatever your little heart desires (within reason of course) then let's have a go!!

On a scale of 1-10, would you say yes or no?

Comment below with your answer! First to get it right WINS! Remember, Jackson or Memphis areas only!


Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what you think :)