A Personal Post


As Keller has gone through so many changes the past few weeks I felt it was time to stop a moment and reflect on them all. What better way than to write a blog post on how much he has grown up recently and how fast it has happened? It's amazing to me how fast it really does happen. Just in the past 2-3 weeks he has outgrown size 4 diapers, size 4 shoes, his 18 month clothes finally fit him, he would rather sit in the "big boy" chairs at the table than his high chair. He refuses to eat unless he has a fork. And every day he says a new word. His favorite ones right now are "uncle", "aww man", "I know" and we even caught him once saying "Nailed it!" It was such a precious and priceless moment :) Every day I feel more and more blessed to be his Momma. And now today he is about to experience his first Easter egg hunt! I can't wait to be there to see all the action unfold. And of course I'll be that Mom, with her camera, snapping every picture along the way. One day he will thank me. And I will thank him for fulfilling my life. I love you, Keller Leslie!

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