Jumping For Joy!


Last Saturday I embarked on my second destination wedding (mark that off the list!!). I left Jackson for Memphis, where I would fly to Richmond for my Big Sis (sorority sister) Rachel's nuptials in the amazingly gorgeous Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens! Apart from the humidity that I seemed to bring along with me from Mississippi, a torrential downpour, and a measly tornado warning, everything was absolutely magnificent! The love, joy, support, friendship and excitement all radiated from everyone involved in the big day, especially Rachel and her perfect match, Paul! The series of photos above is an excellent example of the entire weekend's state of mind. Even when the elements decided otherwise, Rachel was cool, calm and collective which in turn bounced to all others in attendance. I, on the other hand, was a complete ball of stress... I just knew I was going to have to have Rachel and Paul wake up at the crack of dawn the next day, dress back up in their wedding attire, and pose for some photos all before I had to be at the airport at 8:30! But God turned off his faucets, added a tiny bit of light, and allowed us to get those ever important bride & groom portraits in the nick of time! And you know how nature just seems to show off her colors right after a good rain?? Well see for yourself!



And to top it all off, this sweet couple left for their honeymoon in Hawaii Tuesday morning only to be evacuated from the airport shortly after the security check point due to a bomb threat! Once everything was cleared there of course were no more flights that day to their original destination. Off to Chicago or San Francisco or wherever they went and with their luggage headed to London all that mattered was they were together! This just goes to show you never know...take it slow and count your blessings. Sometimes life doesn't turn out like you expected.. it turns out better!

Congratulations, Rachel & Paul, and many thanks again and again for allowing me the incredible opportunity to capture such sweet and special moments for you and your families! Cheers!! :)

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