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Ok folks, here it is, the special project I've been working on! I am so excited to share this and to offer something new and meaningful for all my clients! Take a look at my first fusion video. For those who don't know this is a combination of photos and video showcasing your special moment! Be it a gender reveal, engagement announcement, birth announcement, 1st birthday, if you'd like to commemorate it forever this is a perfect way to do it! They are fun, exciting, and a great way to relive your favorite memories over and over again :) Now there are definitely some small technicalities with this one below (it was my first attempt give me a break!) but I'm still learning everyday with everything I do and this is no exception. I'll be sure to do some things differently next time but for now I couldn't be happier with the results. So, without further adieu, Mary Courtney & Josh are having a baby! What do you think? Boy or Girl?? Click play to see!!

Forever Is Better With You from Amelia Patterson on Vimeo.


Featured In | Lemonade & Lenses | Vintage MS Delta Esession

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I am sooo excited to announce today that Letty & Adam's vintage, Mississippi delta engagement session is featured on one of my favorite blogs/magazines...Lemonade & Lenses!

It was my first visit to Yazoo City and I absolutely fell in love with all the history, textures and colors, but especially with Letty & Adam! I had a fabulous time documenting their love for one another that day and can't WAIT for their wedding next March!

Here is a quick preview of their session.


Our first spot was this outdoor theater in downtown Yazoo City. I was in awe. Completely obsessed. Don't you agree?!


Then we headed over to Letty's father's wheat farm for some golden hour goodness. I think by this point I was in denial...I mean come on, could an engagement session be this good? Why yes, yes it can!


Then we ended the evening with an all out paint war! It was fun and fabulous! We had such a great time!

Another flower crown by the very talented MOLLYGEEdesigns!

Now head on over to their feature to see more! And thank you for stopping by! :)

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Mississippi Maternity Photographer | Jackson, MS | Simmons

Last night I trekked over to the water park in D'lo, MS...you've probably never heard of it but it's my new favorite place. In fact I'd like to keep it all to myself so just disregard everything I say and post about it from here on out! ;) This is Mrs. Brittany Simmons. I had the pleasure of photographing her bridals a few years ago and now I get the honor of shooting her maternity and in another month or so her sweet baby girl's newborn photos! What a compliment for me to have repeat clients!! :))

I've been looking forward to this session allll summer! And it was perfect! Brittany was amazing and such a trouper! It could not have turned out better. I've said it before, maybe not here, but I will now...if you are not a fan of the outdoors, critters, bugs, Mississippi heat, sweating, dirt, etc., etc. then you probably should not hire me as your photographer. Now granted I'm not going to take all my pregnant clients down to a creek, it kind of has to be something you want and is a part of your own personal style, but it's not uncommon for me to come home from a session with bug bites, covered in dirt or sand, itching to no end and maybe even find a tick or two. EW! I know! It's gross!!! But I do what I have to in order to obtain my style and brand and to get the perfect shot. 

And if you were wondering, yes she and I BOTH got in that creek you see to the left! Like I said, she was a TROUPER! I can't wait to share more from this session but in the meantime just bathe in this glowing beauty... ahhhhhh...

Glowing Mama-to-be!

Flower crown by the very talented MOLLYGEEdesigns!



Wowza! I've had QUITE the busy and eventful summer as you can tell from my lack of blog and facebook posts and it's not over yet! I am so blessed to be able to capture such sweet and special memories for so many people! Like this first dance photo from Joel & Beth's wedding back in May. I love how it's slightly out of focus (kind of my thing these days) and those twinkling lights in the background make me happy! A happy day it was! :)


And this shot of sweet baby Shelby at just 5 days new! She was so alert for the first part of her session which I don't mind at all. It helped that she was super cute of course ;) and that headband her mama brought along? Yea, I need that!


Engagement sessions have always been one of my favorite events to capture. So much love, happiness, and energy in one session. I absolutely adore this shot from Sarah Beth and Brandon's esession at the Fairview Inn here in Jackson. Classic and lovely :).


Eeek! This is one of my favorite moments from Rachel & Paul's wedding at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond. I've always wanted to capture a first kiss from the opposite viewpoint, with the audience in the background...so glad I thought to ask the minister if he minded! It's perfect.


How precious is baby Emma James in her bonnet hanging out in her gorgeous nursery?? LOVE.


I like to call this one, "Cousins and Crowns". I had so much fun with Ella Grace and Kennedy that evening! We ended the session in a field at sunset (my favorite) in their matching Easter dresses, watches, and vintage lace crowns. I made those myself! Super cute huh??


Lindsay & Tyler had the sweetest, prettiest wedding at First Baptist Church here in Jackson. I love to get a shot of the bride and groom whenever possible at the entrance of the church with the doors wide open, so you still get that lovely natural light and a hint of the alter in the background. So dramatic and powerful!


Here is something new and different for me! I've been wanting to try my hand at OCF (off camera flash for those of you who are wondering) and when Anna and Jay said they wanted to take some of their engagement photos at the Orpheum in downtown Memphis I took that as my opportunity to play! It may not be technically correct, but I love it and that's all that matters! Well and if they love it too... ;)) 


I am absolutely in love with this shot of Baby Bo! The angle, the layering, the colors, the hair and all his sweet little features. Sooo sweet.


McClain Lodge in Brandon, MS is a great place to get married! Kellie and Barry had an intimate and romantic ceremony in the chapel. Her dress was gorgeous!


Now this is what you call a sneak peek! And it's very edgy, artistic and was totally taken on the fly! I was in Yazoo City a few months ago for Letty & Adam's engagement session. I took a couple of my dad's old cameras to use as props when Adam had the cool idea of shooting through the vintage polaroid... not bad, not bad! Definitely going to take some more practice but I'm already hooked! Be on the lookout for more of their AWESOME esession coming up this Friday!!!

Vintage Polaroid

Just the weekend before last I headed to Memphis to shoot my last wedding of the summer. Elizabeth and Dan were married at 409 South Main. Very cool venue! And we found this awesome orange door nearby that was the perfect pop of color for a few portraits. Bonus points for it being the bride's favorite color! :)


And that's been my summer in a nutshell! Along with regular summer family activities, tending to an almost TWO year old (yep! Keller will be two THIS Sunday!!!) and we have begun potty training!!! But like I said it's not over just yet! I have a maternity session this evening (pray me and mama-to-be don't melt!!), and THREE sessions next week and Keller's birthday party Saturday. And you guessed it, my fall calendar is already starting to fill up. If you were wanting a session you best get ON it! I have not planned out dates for Fall Mini Sessions just yet, but that is a top priority for me as well as figuring out some prices on special Christmas card sessions. But just so you are aware here is my availability:
August is BOOKED apart from some weekdays. September 21st is my only open Saturday. October 26th is booked and November 23rd is booked. November 3rd is the end of daylight saving time so there won't be time for sessions in the evenings during the week, FYI. Oh! And I'll be at the beach September 22nd through the 29th. I know most people don't go to the beach during that time of year but if you are going to be there and you would like to book a beach session hit me up! Orange Beach area to be exact. I can't wait! My first time back since our honeymoon almost three years ago and it will be Keller's first visit ever! :))

Happy Hump Day everyone!!